We are a team of experienced educators

who are guided first and foremost by respect for children’s freedom and identity. Among us are people with experience in both traditional/classical and alternative institutions. We have over 2 years of experience in running the Zielona Wieża Nursery and Pre-School (www.zielonawieza.edu.pl). 3 years ago, we helped to open one of the first schools based on the idea of free education in Poland (www.odpowiedzialnaszkola.pl).

We have been preparing to open our own school for many years.

Our starting point was making a list of values that are important to us. Then we analysed the heritage of all modern educational approaches, by breaking each of them down into their individual parts and building upon those foundation stones which create an interesting and inspiring environment for children and help teachers to become better companions to them. We mainly rely on the principles and practices of Non-violent Communication (NVC), democratic education and pedagogy developed by Maria Montessori. When creating the Maps of Inspiration, we also sought inspiration from the core curriculum currently in force.

The next step was for us to get to know how the already existing alternative schools work, namely those that operate differently than classical schools. We have contacted or visited this type of facilities around the world, including the USA, Great Britain, Austria, the Netherlands, Finland, the Czech Republic and of course Poland, over the last few years.

On the basis of experience gained, we have created the Zielona Wieża Nursery and Pre-School.

Today, we use these experiences to create Teal Tower.