Maps of Inspiration

Learning as an exciting adventure

We have been wondering for a long time how to assist children in finding their own way, what fascinates them, what will win their hearts and what they will want to explore.

We agreed that we would like our children to have the biggest choice, that adults should not only follow them, but also actively inspire them to learn, help them recognise and explore their own interests and abilities, while sharing their knowledge, experience, skills and understanding of the world. We came to the conclusion that in today’s jungle of information we are missing reliable maps – a review of what is available in the world, and that we would like to present it in a way that will enable aware navigation through the sea of knowledge.

We started from writing down the areas and issues with which we would like to acquaint pupils. Then we added our ideas for activities – inspirations thanks to which we can, in an interesting way, introduce these issues, and we gathered sources – interesting places on the Internet and in the outside world, as well as useful aids and materials. That is how we formed our maps of inspiration with the methodology of their creation and development as well as the list of auxiliary materials. When creating them, we are building on both the Montessori’s pedagogy and the core curriculum in force, which we are complementing by missing and important, in our opinion, issues.

We are just at the beginning of the journey, but we can already see that good maps are the heart of a fruitful learning process. Our dream is to make what we create available to everyone interested as well as further joint development of this project, irrespective of our school.