Non-profit activity

The Teal Tower School is supported by Fundacja Społeczeństwo – the Polish Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), established for the introduction of positive social change wherever a fresh idea, a modern view and technology provide such an opportunity.

We are a non-profit organisation.

We offer a scholarship program for families who share our values and ideas, and who for financial reasons cannot send the child to our institutions or institutions that we support. Everyone can support this goal by donating 1% of their income tax (KRS 346649). 

In Teal Tower we also created and support the scholarship program, which is based on the mutual relationship and joint development of solutions satisfactory to both sides.

Polish Public Benefit Organisation
ul. Domaniewska 47/10 26d, 02-672 Warszawa
NIP: 5242713775, REGON: 142397527, KRS: 346649