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The children decide, are free and independent

The children make their own choices, are responsible for themselves and for the development path, which they decide to follow. They experience freedom and its natural consequences. This way they learn to try new things, their development becomes full and conscious, they are creative and flexible – they are able to learn what is needed at a given moment.

This is very important in today’s fast-changing world, in which new professions are being created year after year, people with skills about the existence of which no one had even heard a few years ago, are being sought.

The aim of going to school is to learn

We come to school to learn about ourselves and about the world around us, to acquire knowledge and skills that are useful to us in life. School is a place of concentration on the development, on the whole process being more efficient and pleasant. Together, we make sure that this goal is achieved.

Adults support the independence and inspire

Adults create at school the environment supporting independent learning, actively inspire children to learn, help them recognise and explore their own interests and abilities, while sharing their knowledge, experience, skills and understanding of the world.

Maps of Inspiration

Learning as an exciting adventure

We have been wondering for a long time how to assist children in finding their own way, what fascinates them, what will win their hearts and what they will want to explore.

We agreed that we would like our children to have the biggest choice, that adults should not only follow them, but also actively inspire them to learn, help them recognise and explore their own interests and abilities, while sharing their knowledge, experience, skills and understanding of the world. We came to the conclusion that in today’s jungle of information we are missing reliable maps – a review of what is available in the world, and that we would like to present it in a way that will enable aware navigation through the sea of knowledge. We started from writing down the areas and issues with which we would like to acquaint pupils. Then we added our ideas for activities – inspirations thanks to which we can, in an interesting way, introduce these issues, and we gathered sources – interesting places on the Internet and in the outside world, as well as useful aids and materials. That is how we formed our maps of inspiration with the methodology of their creation and development as well as the list of auxiliary materials. When creating them, we are building on both the Montessori’s pedagogy and the core curriculum in force, which we are complementing by missing and important, in our opinion, issues.

We are just at the beginning of the journey, but we can already see that good maps are the heart of a fruitful learning process. Our dream is to make what we create available to everyone interested as well as further joint development of this project, irrespective of our school.

Non-violent Communication (NVC)

Contact based on the understanding and acceptance

A philosophy of building/making contact through the discovery and understanding of own needs and the needs of other people.

The NVC is based on the needs that are common to all people, such as, for example, the need for safety, appreciation, respect, love and food. Each of us has the same needs. They can be more or less important to us at a given moment, but they are common, and thereby they provide a platform on which it is easiest for us to communicate.

If we realise that what someone says or does is only his/her strategy to meet his/her needs, even when this strategy is somehow difficult to understand or accept for us, we become more open to making contact and reaching the needs of that person without shutting away and stopping at the level of assessments and beliefs. And when we reach the level of the needs, we will start talking about what is common and it will be easier for us to find a common strategy that meets the needs of both sides.

We strongly believe that school is just a place where we learn together to find such strategies, which take into account the needs of those who are in it – that is both the children themselves and their parents and us – adults making up this place.


Teal Tower School

If you are considering enrolling your child in our school, we invite your entire family to take part in an individual meeting. Use the contact form and let us know that you are interested.

We also invite you to read additional information about people involved in creating the School. 

After many conversations with parents, we have prepared a list of frequently asked and interesting questions, to which we recommend your attention as it includes answers prepared by us on the idea of free schools, didactics, development and motivation.

The Turkusowa Wieża School is supported by Fundacja Społeczeństwo, which is a Polish Public Benefit Organisation (PBO), established for the introduction of positive social change wherever a fresh idea, a modern view and technology provide such an opportunity.

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Send me your newsletter (you can unsubscribe at any time).

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